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Welcome to the West Texas Steel Guitar School.

We are currently registering for the Beginner to Intermediate E9th class which will be held on Friday the 21st & Saturday the 22nd of February 2015.  My special guest teacher for this particular class is not set in stone at the present time. I am currently waiting on Jim Loessberg to make certain his schedule is clear on this weekend, and if so....he is our guest.   I have learned much in the past 3 or 4 years of teaching these classes.  I have taken the feedback from all of you who have been students and done what you have asked for to the best of my ability.  This class will cover basics as simple as tuning, chords, harmonics, several songs, grips, finger exercises, blocking techniques, picks, bar techniques, intros, turnarounds, endings, etc.  All of these will be well covered in the 2 solid days at the steel school.  One of my favorite things I teach at every session now, is taking 4 or 5 notes and making a simple run, or turnaround from a 5 chord to a 1 chord, and then re-arranging it at least 20 times.  This gives you a TON of licks you can do with just a very little bit of music.  Give me a call and we can visit and work on your specific needs and desires, and make them happen.
The cost for the school is $250.00 which includes us picking you up at the airport, then on to your hotel, picking you up for classes each day, taking you back to the hotel (unless you bring your own car and drive to the school of course), providing lunches on both days, all of the classes in the school, your notebook with backing tracks, audio, tablature, songs, endings, intro's, performances by the teachers, one on one help and coaching, etc.  
You Do Not want to miss this School.  Registration will be limited to the first 12 persons that register. I'd prefer that you called me or emailed me first, but you can send a money order, personal check, or cashier's check to:

Larry Toliver
PO Box 156
Merkel, Texas 79536

325-518-3947 cell
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